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Thousands of Humans are now Communicating freely and effectively utilizing the UPLVL System!  UPLVL is The Ultimate Solution to Save Relationships and Eliminate Hurtful, Damaging, and Meaningless Arguments.

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Ronda Short Evans aka ReeSee El

City: Mitchellville, MD

Title: Coach and Group Admin

I am a PSAL.MS Coach who understands that wherever you go, there you are; therefore, there is pertinence in transformation of our being.


Jaacalyn “Dr.J” Davis M.A.

City: Nashville, TN

Bliss Bringer, 3 Way Mirror©  and UPLVL Communication© Certified, Masters in Clinical Psychology from Fisk University, Owner of Divine Wellness LLC and Temperament Therapy Specialist



Solace Michaud

City: Honolulu, Hawaii

Title: Relationship and Communication Coach

Solace is a Three Way Mirror™ and UPLVL Communication™ Coach, reiki practitioner, bodyworker, reflexologist, educator and Somatic Sex Coach in training whose purpose is to bring her clients into alignment with their authentic self to cultivate healthy, harmonious relationships.


Jess Evans

City: Los Angeles, CA

Title: UPLVL Communications™ Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Systemic Family/Organization Constellation Facilitator, Trauma Resolutionist (certified in many modalities)

Jess’ ability to tap into the flow and listen to the unseen creates environments of healing where others are supported to identify disruption and navigate hidden dynamics so that order can return, love can flow, and life can be experienced from each person’s unique and powerful inner authority.


Kenda Bell

City: Baltimore, MD 

Title : The Joy Factor Mama - Spiritual Strategy Coach

Kenda Bell aka The Joy Factor Mama is a highly esteemed PSALMS certified coach who utilizes her intuitive gifts alongside a host of certified tools to support clients in taking advantage of every sacred opportunity life offers to experience themselves & others with more joy and power.




Aikta Suri Dhillon

City: Ellicott City, MD

Title: 3 Way Mirror©  and UPLVL Communication© Certified, Masters in Contemplative Education from Naropa University, co-owner of Transformative Travel LLC, and a Human Development Curriculum Specialist.

Aikta has studied with the Progressive Love Academy for nearly 7 years, and has a passion for serving individuals, couples, or progressive families in cultivating profound personal and collective growth, expanded self-awareness, authentic communication and expression, and deeper intimate connections. Aikta skillfully equips her clients with transformative tools while providing a safe space for inspired joyful evolution.


Amy Phoenix

City: Michigan

Title: Change & Peace Coach, UPLVL Communication© Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Spiritual Coach, Kundalini Reiki & Intuitive Healing Facilitator

Amy Phoenix is a meditating mom of five providing trauma-informed mindfulness-based support to parents and others who are ready to make peace with the past, embrace unexpected change, learn how to respond instead of react, solve problems collaboratively, create conscious change and live life in alignment with their innermost values, one sacred moment at a time.


Kodi Hyles

City: Oakland, CA

Title: Personal & Relationship Coach

Backed by years of personal experience, I offer coaching for individuals as well as monogamous, polyamorous and open relating partnerships.




Adilifu Sabur

City: Houston, TX

Title: Coach

I coach individuals and groups through the process of reconciling internal conflicts so that they may move forward from a place of harmony and security within themselves and their relationships.


Jahquay Hyles

City: Oakland, California

Title: Personal and Relationship Coach

Specializing in personal and relationship coaching for those seeking to     grow and deepen their understanding of the connections with others in their life.


Tyisha Simpson

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Title: PSAL.MS UPLVL™ and Three Way Mirror ™ Coach, Spirit Guru

I work with individuals ready to integrate spirit in their everyday life to live and be happier.






Kelly Lynn Prime

City: Atlanta, Georgia

Title: PSAL.MS UPLVL™ and Three Way Mirror ™ Coach, Life Coach, Intuitive, Energy Healer (Reiki, Pranic Healing, Crystals, Essential Oils), Yoga RYT 200.

With 25+ years of experience, Kelly Lynn Prime, a recovered Ex-Cult member, has happily been in service to humanity as a school teacher (Detroit and Atlanta), a coach, a leader and crafts unique client programs informed by her extensive studies in the fields of Education, Energy Healing, Life Coaching, Yoga, Pranayama/Breathwork, Astrology, Human Design, Metaphysical Spirituality, and Emotional Wellness to facilitate your growth. The most significant relationship in your life is the one you intentionally create with YourSelf.


Kirti Srivastava

City: San Diego, CA

Title: Love Coach & Tantric Artist

I am a Guide who facilitates Creative Passion from a foundation of Self Love & Acceptance




Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to express heavy emotions such as sadness, anger, lust or even pleasure?

They're ALL based on our upbringing and habits!


We do not learn in childhood that our emotions are valuable or worthy of being shared.


When we did share emotion in youth, we were often met with negative reactions.


We never unlearned the training we experienced in youth, so we continue to either withhold emotion until we explode, or implode OR we forcefully express the emotions without tools, causing arguments and conflicts.


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My God Kenya blew off the roof with UPLVL Communication System. Where have you been all my life?! I'm an animal and I always knew that it was a big part of my brilliance when I own it. I loved what you said "if you don't want someone to be emotional in front of you you're not gonna have the human be orgasmic in front of you either" Hell Yes! That truth has been in me for so long and now I’m among friends.



OMG Kenya was outrageous! I loved your passion and purpose! Your way of relating spoke to me so deeply! I was laughing and crying through the whole thing, my body lighting all the way up to my crown. Can’t wait to read your UPLVL book and share it with my husband and daughter.



Your book has totally changed how I communicate with my partners, their kids, my mom- everyone! Hearing you speak so passionately today was totally inspiring. Thank you so much!



Wow you are a powerhouse. Absolutely adored and resonated with your talk and I love your UPLVL System - it's totally changing the depth and intimacy of my connections.



What an epic presence and contribution you made Kenya. Looking forward to learning your UPLVL process. Downloaded kindle version of your book right after the course, and well into it now... Thank you!!



Thank you Kenya for your lively and ingenious segment today! I love your UPLVL Framework on venting. It’s left me with a beautiful new way to practice authentically expressing and relating. It was sooo healing for me to see you share your vent about being on early today and starting late — oh man have I experienced that countless times yet held back my feelings! Simply witnessing that was healing for me.
I also loved how you modeled a “sad UPLVL vent” of appreciation for Genevieve. It never would have occurred to me to do that, so you’ve given me a refinement!
Thank you so much for your passion and your stand for relationships. Amazing.


Esther Weerman

Kenya thank you so much for showing us your UPLVL Framework which is about the animal, ego & higher self working together! What a great team you are, so much aliveness & wisdom in the same time, receiving your words felt so liberating, turned me ON


Beth Cooper

Kenya your UPLVL system seems genius and your energy is beautiful and fierce.


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