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Let's talk about your relationship to find out if Polyamory is right for you.  Both parties must be on the discovery call (we cannot support an opening couple if only one spouse is present).  For tips on talking to your spouse about open relationships, go here!  If both you and your spouse are ready to talk, book your discovery call below.

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Safe, Confidential, Support for High Functioning Couples... 

We know that long-term relationships suffer when the romance fades, but that does not mean the relationship should end!

Let's face it, you do not want a divorce!  It costs too much time, money, and energy.  The fallout is permanent and lasting.  And second marriages fail at twice the rate of first marriages!

Why not befriend and heal with your spouse and then decide on the expansions you want for the relationship, together?

If you could wave the magical wand, and create a wonderful union with your current spouse - FIRST - and then step slowly into freedom-based relating, with all parties happily on board, would you?

Progressive Love Coaching can support your marriage in moving from ownership-love to freedom-based love!!  But there are steps to this, there are tools needed for safe transition from monogamy to polyamory.  And often couples are simply not ready to make this shift alone.


We support long-term committed partners in creating stable and secure, Divorce-Proof Marriages PRIOR to discussions around polyamory. 

We believe the primary couple is the most important unit in the marriage and must be deeply nurtured at all times.  

Usually, couples, married long-term, are functioning more from obligation than love, resentments have built up over time and the love has been overrun by weeds.

Our tools and coaching clear weeds in the garden of your marriage, the thoughts that keep you up all night, the past that will not die, and the feelings you have bottled up.

The Stevens support couples in understanding how to move from having been IN LOVE into UNCONDITIONAL LOVE which lasts a lifetime.  

The Stevens provide a private safe space for couples to explore polyamory AND learn to enjoy both freedom and commitment in marriage.

UPLVL Communication is where couples begin their journey.  Written by Carl and Kenya Stevens, UPLVL is an innovative framework to support authentic and honest communication for opening couples. 

The Stevens have deepened intimacy in marriages worldwide having served thousands of couples since 2005 when they founded Progressive Love Academy.

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"Every time I intentionally UPLVL someone, I’m amazed at how quickly their emotions go from triggered and agitated to peaceful and happy. I’ve UPLVL’d my cousin, my brother, a coworker and my Facebook friend, Nina. Every single one of them has thanked me afterward- and laughed, or smiled, told me they loved me. I have watched our relationships get closer and sweeter during and as a result of these communications."

- Nina Symone

"Nonviolent Communication feels so... vanilla.  UPLVL is the full spectrum!!  Every emotion can be expressed and I feel held and soothed when I express!  Incredible work is done here!"

- Roksana Brzostek