Come do 12 Weeks of Personal UPLVL Training With Me, Kenya K Stevens!  Use this system in your daily life!

We finally have the Ultimate Solution to Save Relationships and Eliminate Hurtful, Damaging, and Meaningless Arguments!

Take A 12 week journey and have an Experience of a lifetime discovering and mastering this system!
Say no more, I'm in!

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UPLVL Communication saved our marriage!


The UPLVL Experience is a 12 week immersion into the details of the UPLVL Communication framework.  

All Users will receive the following:
Lifetime access to the UPLVL Course which includes 8 modules taught LIVE by Kenya K Stevens and Carl E Stevens
Lifetime access to the UPLVL Facebook Practice group where Users can literally practice the UPLVL system with 21 UPLVL coaches in the group to support
LIVE monthly Q and A session with an UPLVL Certified Coach
➤ Optional Private coaching with a certified UPLVL Coach
Full mastery of the UPLVL System 

During these 12 Weeks, you'll receive:

12 LIVE Classes

Throughout the 12 Week Program, you'll receive 12 LIVE Classes via Zoom. This is the ONLY time these classes will be live with Kenya herself, allowing for easy Q&A and direct access!

UPLVL Facebook Community

During the 12 Weeks, you'll be granted access to the exclusive UPLVL Facebook Community where you can ask questions, interact with others, and much more!


Not only will Kenya be teaching these classes live, but she will also be available for live Q&A after the lessons!

12-Week Program Breakdown:

Weeks 1-2 | UPLVL Foundation

Weeks 3-5 | UPLVL Venting

Weeks 6-7 | UPLVL Processing

Weeks 8 | UPLVL Ownership

Week 9-10 | UPLVL Pluralities

Week 11 | UPLVL Gratitude

Week 12 | UPLVL The Dance

I want IN!

In addition, you can expect the following to happen:

I want to UPLVL!

Not only do you have the opportunity to join us for the UPLVL Experience, but we're also offering the UPLVL Experience VIP - perfect for those who want a personalized experience while moving through UPLVL.

In the VIP Experience, you'll receive customized guidance from your very own coach, who will be with your for the entire program to help you understand and implement the communication system even better.


"Through PLA and UPLVL I have discovered that I had to stop trying to lead him. I had to focus on leading myself wherever that took me. In doing so, I’ve discovered that I can be with him, yet live without him!  I have no fear of losing anything because I will always be provided with what I need.  I used to look to him for validation, I used to want him to be and do more then he was capable of!  Until I finally understood what Kenya had been teaching me.  I’m responsible for my own happiness, my own security, and well-being. I am ready to start choosing!"

- Kyss Major

What UPLVL has done for it's students:

"Every time I intentionally UPLVL someone, I’m amazed at how quickly their emotions go from triggered and agitated to peaceful and happy. I’ve UPLVL’d my cousin, my brother, a coworker and my Facebook friend, Nina. Every single one of them has thanked me afterward- and laughed, or smiled, told me they loved me. I have watched our relationships get closer and sweeter during and as a result of these communications."

- Nina Symone

"I’ve been a member of PLA for just under a year now. I came to it via a close friend when it felt like my life was on fire. I I  learned about UPLVL from Kenya, and this not only saved my marriage but set me up to improve every relationship I have. I’m now a full member, I genuinely don’t know what I would have done without PLA.  So for those of you on the fence about joining one of the main groups, let me tell you, they’ve been absolutely life changing for me."

- Karima Adi

Looking to Dive in a little deeper?

Check out UPLVL Communication™, our published book!

The tools in this book and coaching have saved countless marriages and empowered thousands to live their absolute best life.
This book makes a perfect companion to the UPLVL Experience, feel free to grab your own copy and join the experience!

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