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A 12-Week Journey 

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What We'll Cover 

In this 12-week live series, you will discover how to create a space for authentic communication with your partner, build a solid foundation of trust, that is unique to your relationship, and create genuine agreement based on the needs of both spouses - all with the guidance of seasoned polyamory expert, Kenya K Stevens!

Who This Is For

  • Married Couples of 1¬†year or more.
  • Unmarried¬†Couples together 1 year or more
  • Couples who DESIRE to make it work but do not have the proper tools or skills.
  • Couples who are poly-curious, but desire more trust, tools, and information first
  • Couples who want to master¬†monogamy before considering any other relationship style
  • Couples who don‚Äôt see dropping out (divorce, break-up, separation, etc.) as a desirable option
  • Couples who want to prepare their children to have good relationships
  • Couples who feel¬†content with their financial situation and feel the only missing element is relational happiness¬†

What You Will Enjoy:

  1. 12 weeks of interactive, coaching with Kenya K Stevens and her coaching team via Zoom meetings!
  2. Community support with couples who have the same objectives and goals.
  3. Daily interaction with other couples and coaches in our Divorce-Proof private community.
  4. Weekly homework exercises that will rapidly UPLVL your relationship.
  5. A full library of activations that will unify and harmonize your relationship/s. 

Why The Interview?

I want to interview anyone who will take part in this club because I want to find out the following:

  • Are both parties coachable
  • Are both parties ready to change the relationship for the better
  • Are you fully invested in taking personal responsibility for the status of your relationship
  • Are you both ready to commit to a 12-week initiation into authentic communication¬†

The interview cost is $47 as you will sit with me, Kenya K Stevens, for 90 minutes and receive suggestions and tips about your current situation.  I  look forward to speaking with you!

Communication that Actually Works

No more arguments. You'll learn to vent your emotions in a healthy way that ensures both parties win! You'll also learn how to support each other in emotional processing and heal your trauma's together.

An Unbreakable Foundation

Go above therapist-level trust in your partner and build a secure container for authentic expression!  Secure your foundation as a power couple and ensure your relationship is stable enough to hold other relationships - all without compromising your original union.

A Solid Contract & Agreement

A relationship agreement is essential PRIOR to even having a discussion about polyamory. It establishes the nature of the original connection.  There are no rules in a good relationship agreement... just protocols that ensure all growth opportunities are seized!


Most would describe me as a mother, wife, author, and business owner. Recently, I became a reality star!  But in reality, I am so much more. I am a maverick, an icon, and a revolutionary love shaman!

My absolute passion is creating Divorce-Proof Families and Communities, which simply means creating new models for loving relationships that are sustainable; and sharing this with couples, communities, and families, worldwide.

I have supported power couples, celebrities, professionals, and thousands of families and communities over the past 18 years as a love coach!

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence as we sure up your relationship and prepare you to soar into the New Paradigm!

All The Tools You Need To Build Authentic -->  Communication In Your Relationship

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"In 3 months The Stevens stopped our pending breakup and Divorce-Proofed our future marriage! We developed communication skills that work!  We not only went through with our once-doomed wedding, but we also opened the relationship to more fun and freedom!  I truly appreciate working with Stevens."

- Genieve & Sabs


"In 3 months we went from blame and resentment to living the life of our dreams!  The Stevens helped us harmonize our families, ie. his past wives, mothers of his children, and even friends and family who did not agree we should marry.  I did not think this was possible given Joe is a pro basketball player and highly sought after with women.  Our lives have transformed!"

- Kisha & Joe

"In 6 months we went from separated and unable to communicate, to happily married, communicating authentically and having both our needs met! 

The Stevens were able to remove David’s feelings of insecurity and help him learn to trust me completely.  This is the greatest miracle of our journey with Carl and Kenya."

- David & Bobby


Unlocking Love Beyond Limits

Become one of the 12 couples we choose for this exclusive program. See if you're eligible for this program by booking your interview.