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Here are the new UPLVL coaches who just certified March 21 2021. 

The certification took just 12 weeks and they all passed!  

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How to set containers for tough discussions WITHOUT arguments.

How to end the back and forth discussion FOREVER!

How to get your points HEARD and RESPECTED at all times.

How to hear and respect others, even when you disagree.

How to talk about sex, sexuality, and unmet needs without embarrassment.

How to be your authentic self and do what you want to do.

Ways to increase intimacy through communication.

How to process your emotions in a healthy way.

How to embrace yourself fully in any emotional state.

Begin Coaching The Amazing UPLVL Systems With Your Clients In Just 12-Weeks! Program Breakdown:

Weeks 1-2 | UPLVL Foundation

Weeks 3-5 | UPLVL Venting

Weeks 6-7 | UPLVL Processing

Weeks 8 | UPLVL Ownership

Week 9-10 | UPLVL Pluralities

Week 11 | UPLVL Gratitude

Week 12 | UPLVL The Dance

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Why Add The UPLVL To Your Coaching Practice?

Provide Premier Communication Technology For Your Clients!

UPLVL Communication Certification Includes Licensing of All UPLVL Branded Materials and Protocols!  Get Started Today!

UPLVL Certification


Payment Plans Available

12 Week UPLVL© Coaching Certification Training

Full Library of Printables and Videos 

One LIVE Q and A Session Each Month With UPLVL Author Kenya K Stevens 

Facebook Community Access for UPLVL Coaches ONLY

Live Assessment And Review of Coaching Skills 

Bonus Three Way Mirror© Coaching Certification

Bonus Lacing© Meditation Certification 

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The UPLVL Experience VIP


payment Plans Available

12 Week UPLVL© Coaching Certification Training

Full Library of Printables and Videos 

Facebook Community Access for UPLVL Coaches ONLY

Six Live Assessment And Review of Coaching Skills with an UPLVL Coach

Bonus Three Way Mirror© Coaching Certification

Bonus Lacing© Meditation Certification 

Bonus One-on-One Personal Assessment and Exit Interview with author of UPLVL Kenya K Stevens 

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"We have a lot of schools online, now, and a lot of different teachers who are saying the same thing but PLA and UPLVL give concrete tools that are different, organic and powerful!"

- Emily Catherine

"Nonviolent Communication feels so... vanilla.  UPLVL is the full spectrum!!  Every emotion can be expressed and I feel held and soothed when I express!  Incredible work is done here!"

- Roksana Brzostek

Looking to Dive in a little deeper?

Check out UPLVL Communication™, our published book!

The tools in this book and coaching have saved countless marriages and empowered thousands to live their absolute best life.
This book makes a perfect companion to the UPLVL Experience, feel free to grab your own copy and join the experience!

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