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The Solution To The Gender War...

battle of the sexes gender kenya k stevens love progressive love academy relationships Sep 01, 2022

I Am Going To Challenge Pastor TD Jakes To An Ego Debate ‼️ 🥳

Hear me out...

I am frankly, exhausted, of hearing "men" proclaiming "women" are the cause of the battle of the sexes.  Have you heard the latest?

The latest theory is women are the cause of the destruction of the American family.  The argument is that women are being too masculine, too independent, too self absorbed; and now that polyamory is making it's way to the top of the conversation charts (thanks to our tireless work here at PLA/PSAL.MS over the past two decades) women are becoming too loose! 😛

Chris Brown wrote a song about it, proclaiming that women aren't 🎶LOYAL🎶


This debate is being led by pastors like T.D Jakes, but of every "race", nationwide - and the supreme court has even taken measures this year to stop the uppity women from making our own choices about our bodies!

Now here is what is ACTUALLY going on beneath the surface....

Recall we all felt and began to SEE the visible rise of the powerful, sexy, divine feminine back in 2012.  Step-by-step she began to rise from hiding and reverse her centuries long suppression.  More and more humans were discovering the power of the feminine via tantra, yoga, reiki, sex magic, manifestation, etc…

Movies like The Secret and What the Bleep were opening humans to our indigenous, inner mysteries, again (after many centuries of brute force and intellectualism).

Next, we watched as the #MeToo Movement Occurred.  We watched as humans worldwide began to lift the silence and confront sexual abuse and sexual stigmas.  Sex positivity was birthed and women began to orgasm and hold Red Tents again!

Amber Rose created Slut Walk.  Cardi B and Meagan created WAP.  Rihanna put Victoria's Secret Fashion Show out of business by bringing forth acceptance of ALL body types and LGBTQ love styles via her brand Savage Fenty.  

Next, COVID happened and the entire world was forced INTERNAL - the commensurate space of the divine feminine.  Humans were finding our inner feminine selves - being forced to face our emotional states and cultivate spiritual awareness.  Mental Health became the word of the hour and Toxic Masculinity (which is, quite simply, men believing they are masculine, SOLELY, and not ALL potentials IE feminine, androgynous and masculine...) 

Many NEVER returned to being a wage slave and we stopped utilizing distraction to keep us content in a failing society.  And to cap this era off, George Floyd was murdered by police, an incident that brought humans, worldwide, squarely into our empathy and compassion for ALL HUMAN KIND.

We have completely transformed, as a culture, as now, the economic system is spinning out of control because it has yet to align to serve everyone!  The Feminine wants EVERY HUMAN to be well cared for, so we should expect our economic system will completely shift over the next five years toward luxury and resources for all!

We are literally on a direct path toward building a new paradigm! 

And NOW the charge is simple, and something I have been saying for two decades.. This is something that "men" used to debate with me about, but now I see men speaking about this openly... 

The ONLY way to end the battle of the sexes is to OPEN to the REALITY that all humans have ALL potentiality within us.  There is no such thing as man and woman, black and white, poor and rich... polarity is an illusion and is the cause of us holding in place the battle of the supposed sexes


ALL Humans have a right brain (feminine) and left brain (masculine), which are joined and united via the corpus callosum (androgynous) - THUS - ALL HUMANS, no matter our sex or "gender" contain Masculine, Feminine and Androgynous ENERGETICS!  PERIOD.


JUST this understanding alone, and the actualization of such, will end the outrageous battle of the sexes or gender wars (which is simply about us viewing ourselves as separate and different, which betrays our natural oneness and causes us to blame and shame "other" for reflections of SELF).

Without the western focus on the difference we can construct a new culture that takes into account the individual choices of each individual human as Vital Necessity for the WHOLE

We will begin to recognize the unique and profound gifts of each human, outside of gender roles, and sex (which is just as contrived as "race") and all other presupposed, artificial, manmade, boxes, supposed-tos, or general, western intellectual cages.

We will begin to see that ALL humans deserve choice!  

That ALL humans are born with choice, freedom and love as birthrights!  (I recall being the first writer in modern time to utilize this word, birthright, heavily online, and I was ridiculed for this, now it's commonplace!)

Once all humans realize we are ONE BEING, we are all, at our core, the same - even as we have individual personalities and experiences - we will then understand why it's urgently important that ALL humans are cared for, and able to express their uniqueness for the WHOLE!

With this realization, sexual repression subsides, the caste systems fall, the boxes are crushed, suppression of human emotion ends, and mass acceptance of our common HUMANITY prevails!  We will see that freedom for all is not a song or an ethereal notion, but a REALITY that we are charged to create as we move rapidly into this new paradigm...

The humans who do not want to embrace this will be outmoded. Period.

The "men" who do not want to embrace their feminine, androgynous and masculine will be outmoded - seeking to hold old relationship paradigms in place will become impossible.  The "women" who do not want to embrace our limitless energetics and become what we desire to be, outside of polarity, will be outmoded.  

All that will remain once this next major transition happens is humans who are integrally OPEN to experiencing the harmonics of freedom of choice for all, resources for all, authentic expression for all - No shame no Blame, No Victims No Villains, The purpose Is Growth!  All things serve to further, all is love!  

No one is DOING anything to us! 

We experience immense personal and communal power once we embrace our true form as BOTH human and God/dess on Earth.  THIS is the solution to the battle of the sexes... period.  It's not a war, it's a call for expansion and growth beyond the boxes we have embraced for so long!

From this space of embracing our human qualities and our GOD/DESS qualities and understanding they exist as ONE, we create community that works, relationship styles that work, economics that work, schools that work, careers that feel awesome, families the thrive, happy children and adults, and a life for ourselves that embodies the LUXURY and LOVE we deserve!

Progressive Love Academy and Psalms Mystery School are here for you as we go through this marvelous time together!  We are providing another FULL YEAR of programs, coaching, certifications and community events!

We are so happy to serve another year!

Be on the look out for emails rolling in about what you can choose to do here at PLA/PSAL.MS this fall!  Start with your FREE sign up for our new program over at UPLVL.COM 

Thank you so much for hearing me out! 

Kenya K Stevens, CEO

Progressive Love Academy 

My next post will detail and outline the various shifts in culture we can expect when we replace the difference model and rightness model with the oneness model.  I look forward to writing again soon!  

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