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What is an Open Relationship?

Jun 29, 2021

I didn't want to do this, but I feel I must.  It's time.  There is just too much misinformation flying around town these days as the world opens to love, and older ways are revealed to be unsustainable.  Sure, as marriage becomes an Epic Fail in our culture, we are seeking, looking, formulating new ideas about how to love...

Some look toward Polygyny which is the practice of one man having many wives who are monogamous to him.

In my humble view... Polygyny should not even be considered as a sustainable modality for today's times - we are way too smart for that - we are way too advanced to walk that path.

Let's begin here with the nature of male and female.  Most people consider male and female to be the exact same minus the genitals.  I do not.  I believe that males and females even of varied sexual orientation and gender identity, have very different roles in society.

In general, I'd say that females are creators, we function from creative energy which is evidenced in our ability to create new life in the womb.  Males are catalysts... they function from catalytic energy hence the ability to make a woman pregnant, catalyzing her to create life...

What harnesses and spurs the female creative ability is her sensual/spiritual/orgasmic actuality. Is she able to reach the heights in love so that she can reach the heights in spiritual power?  Is she walking orgasmic bliss spreading powerful creative force in her wake? Is she able to get enough sensual catalytic energy to encourage her HUGE capacity to create? 

If this faculty of female creation were online, the world would look however a woman conceives that it should. It's evidenced all around us... just look around.  What you see on the Planet is the sad state of the female psyche blasted all over the place... Can't you see that?  Look at the shitty water supply!  Look at the rain forests, look into the eyes of our young!

Ask most women if they get enough love, touch, sex, emotional release, healing and so forth and the answer is a gloomy, desperate, traumatized, NO.  Women are only allowed one catalyst, which is something we women think we desire. The reality is, this is a mindset placed within us by society, not one we were born with.

As the bi-polar Charles Darwin reported centuries ago, (and for some reason we all believe a man who was married to his own cousin and had a sexless marriage... odd, right?) women are coy sexually and not desirous of many love partners, just one prime caretaker.  I call bullshit on that Charles... sorry.  Misinformation cannot hold water among smart people.  Done deal dude.  Read Sex At Dawn if you need to hear this from another scientist beyond myself... 

In like manner, ask most men if they receive enough inspiration on a daily basis, are they allowed to rev up their engines enough, do they harness enough vitality, are they feeling led to summon enough life force, do they get enough variety, to truly feel their purpose, to live their purpose of providing the catalystic energy for women?  The answer is profoundly, overwhelmingly, irrevocably, NO.  Hence the need for Viagra to rev the engine...  What blue-blooded man needs Viagra?  Please.  Men are not being inspired by women because they are not allowed to be.  We only allow them one woman which can be utterly uninspiring, especially after many years... Shit, if I were a man of today I wouldn't be working out either... I'd be sitting on the couch drinking a brew.  I wouldn't be out toiling... for what?  For this one woman who has become a serious NAG because she refuses to use her sexual creative power on the planet just because she might be labeled a HO. Madness.

So if you can understand the Catalyst/Creator equation, you can clearly feel into the ways we are not living up to our potential in these areas...  I'm sorry to be so vivid, but I think you know what's up...  We're really just playing man and woman... you see?

So let us divert our attention to modern love, modern society.  

Here we are allowed one man per one woman.  We are told that we are to love and desire this person till death do us part.  We are inculcated with the Darwinian view that women who desire more men are simply rebel whores who should be Biblically stoned to death in the streets.  And that men who desire more than one woman at a time are players, pimps, and actually really cool guys in the world of rap music and rock too!  But, should ultimately feel guilty if a home is eroded due to his coolness... 

Modern love places men and women into pairings for life for many solid reasons, I'd presume (especially before I knew the actual facts).  For one, this cuts down on confusion.  We pay taxes, we have insurance, we own land and housing, we own children.  

So to keep fiscal accounting straight, we're ordered to love the one we're with.  Never mind that it fails half the time... right?  But I bet if airplanes failed half the time you wouldn't find yourself on one...  But never mind that... 

Another logical reason for our flailing, modern, partnership way is so that we can avoid messy emotions and dirty sexual illnesses.  Shame on the person who has sex with more than one person after marriage, albeit this person has probably bedded dozens before marriage.. 

To obtain a marriage license one has to take a blood test.  So now we know for sure that there won't be any dirty slimy illnesses in our bedrooms and to keep the sanctity of this is very important to you, I get that. I think.  

So everything is great?  Marriages fail half the time, but for the successful half it works, so all good?  Ignore the millions of children - 80% of African American children in particular who live in single family homes and the 40% of these who live below the poverty line... that's ok, that's why we create the auxiliary system called welfare... and under this system, you don't need a man, in fact to have one prevents you from receiving full cash value on those food stamps... so just forget about men all together, honey, or pop that pussy in the dark and don't tell anyone he lives with you part time.  Oh yes.  This is the state of affairs, I'm sure you won't argue this.

And given the fact that there are more women than available men - or so we are told - there have been talks of polygyny to save the day.  Maybe the available men, the ones who are not in jail, not on crack, and not with illness, can marry all these single available women!  Eureka!  Sounds like a plan... well so did moving vehicles that run on Gasoline... right?  But look at the ozone, look at the depleted oil fields and look at like 20 more years MAX for this system to last... What ya'll gone do next?

We have to break this down.

So taking 100 million single women and mate them with 30 million available men will solve the issue... I don't think so.  Let's return to our primary finding that men are catalysts and women are creators.  Just for a minute, I know the concept of men as catalysts and women as creator sounds cooky... but it's important.  I promise.

Women as creators means this:  Women are literally responsible for the reality we see every day.  Women have the power to create with our minds and spirits the reality we all experience on a daily basis.  Do you know how the illusion we call reality is actually self-manufactured?  Have you heard the phrase that if Mama ain't happy, no one is happy? Sure you have!  And there you have it!  Women birth more than just babies, we actually bring THINGS into the world!  So women have to be happy... and what makes a woman happier than to be catalyzed - to be able to use our creative potential on the planet?  Look at the most war torn cultures, in all of these cultures, the women are kept at sexual suppressive levels... think on it!

Most women today think we will be happy if only we just have enough food, water, a decent man to love, and kids to raise.  Of course there is the matter of money and material success... but we think that if all this is in place, we'll be happy.  WRONG.  There are millions of women who have this fantasy, they are still not happy, which is evidenced in the 85% of women who actually INITIATE divorce from famous men, professional men, and working class men on a daily basis!  These women find themselves utterly unhappy, even when married, with kids, with money and with food and water.

Why is that?

Some of you are murmuring - it's because these men have CHEATED!   Ok, we'll get to that later, but I promise you this is not why they are unhappy... These women, myself having been one of them, are unhappy because they are not being catalyzed.

 They complain that their men are not loving them as strongly as they would like, these men are not doing the things they once did; not stroking them as they once did, these men are apathetic, drinking beers on the couch at night rather than sending up that good love through the vaginal canal, the mind, clitoris and so forth.. never mind the other million orgasmic points that line the body of a creative woman!

These women are STILL miserable...

Now let's enter the idea of Polygany, again, and discuss why it will not solved the problem, albeit you may have ascertained it yourself by now... Enter Polygyny:  Now we have solved the issue!  Now we have mated all single women with an eligible man.  These women have gained sisterhood, which is a definitely a plus in the area of happiness, these women have gained stability (assuming all these men know how to catalyze these women so that these women can create wealth for them - oh ya'll didn't know?  WOMEN create wealth for men and nations, Women are the only creators, and men catalyze her to lay the spiritual framework for success, which is a massively equal task to creating .. tee hee hee). But there is no way these women will be happy!  And reality may shift, but not in the direction of holistic bliss for all... why not?

These women are now receiving way less catalyziation than they did in their solitary marriage to just one man, and his ass was rich!  These women are now even more sensually supressed and unmotivated to create anything beyond endometriosis, fibroids, excessive fat and cancer of the body, Earth, waters and sky!  But we thought that we could solve the problem with the simple logical, rational, idea of just mating these women and giving them a good home...

What we're finding is that logic isn't always so logical... one must know the underlying laws of the Universe to enact change.  Change has to go beyond the construct of what we call modern thought, and move upwards to pull on principles that are more relevant, and foundational to happiness for all!

Polygyny has never been a workable idea because women need much more love energy than Polygyny allots - and so do men!  By the way, this polygynous man will never, ever, be satisfied with even ten wives, why?  Because he will always need new inspiration to get his catalytic juices up!!!  And this doesn't make him a player, it makes him a God.

So when he leaves his ten women to search for more, back at the ranch, the women are using all kinds of things to get the love we crave, which is a craving more deep, more vast, more rich than any miseducated modern man or woman (for that matter) could even imagine possible.  Our divine human craving for love, sex, acknowledgement and touch is more penetrating and potent than any desire for cash we've ever had, can you imagine that?  And now you know it isn't because we're simply horny, we are looking to create a NEW EARTH with each breath, each touch, each symphonic sound of love...

So as he is out searching for it, because under Polygyny he can, these women are sitting at home back at the polygynous ranch going nuts!  Sure, the sisterhood is fantastic! But without the original concept of sisterhood that included touch and love among women, she takes out that vibrator, which may replace the feeling of being catalyzed but does not replace the energy!

How do I know the ladies back at the ranch have vibrators?  Oh that's easy - 53% of American married women use a vibrator at least once a week, the rest, less often... but by 1920 the vibrator was the most popular household item in the USA, hands DOWN!  So yeah, they have one... lol!


The rest of the week she dreams, fantasizes over TV and romance novels, and craves other men - that is, if she has not turned off her vehicle for creation all together!  Don't lie either ladies... don't try to wiggle out of this one... we don't have time for games.

There is more... there is the idea of children.  Polygyny still upholds the fallacy of paternal certainty, which is absolute bull crap when looking to create harmonious women.  Women do not need to think about who's seed this kid is, they need to have the entire communities help in raising these kids!  Children belong to all of us!  


Furthermore, it takes a village to raise a kid, so it takes a village to love a man or woman... period.  All we are is big cosmic kids anyway!  What kind of place would the community be if we still assert this group of women BELONG to me, and my brother, you cannot touch them.  And how community-oriented do we feel if we still say, this man owns me, so sister, do not touch him.  What kind of community is that?  Looks like a heightened level of modern communal madness.  I do not even want to imagine this...

The bottom line issues are

  1. Ownership of one's penis or pussy, each belongs to self and to life/love.
  2. Misunderstanding of the power of one's penis or pussy - the spiritual power of sex.
  3. The blatant ignorance of the purpose of our massive sexual desire as human beings...

Some say sex is animalistic.  Well mind you, there is NO animal on the planet who has more sex than human beings... or uses it for spiritual purposes We have the capacity to use it for - sex is a sacred meditative activity.  Sensual/Spiritual bliss will heal this world.

So, in closing, within these three areas we are absurdly miseducated and profoundly left in the dark to fend for self... thus women go uncatalyzed or severely under-catalyzed while men go longing to use their catalytic potential.  Thus the illusion we call reality remains the same...   Look around again.  This thought that maybe polygyny is the answer is the outcome of our blatant absence of wisdom in these areas.  Look around!


You like?

And of course, Polygyny would be like placing a small band-aid on an exploded nuclear facility... null and void.  I welcome your comments.

You asked, I delivered...

I love you!

Kenya K Stevens


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