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Are you ready to step into the new love paradigm?

Break free from failing traditions into Progressive Love!

We are the only online academy guiding adults on the journey to mastery of emotional communication and expression.

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Catch my show on...

Are you ready to step into the new love paradigm?

Break free from failing traditions into Progressive Love!

We are the only online academy guiding adults on the journey to mastery of emotional communication and expression.

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Renew your Intimacy in your Relationship with Communication Tools that Actually Work

Learn all of the relationship skills Western society didn't teach you. 

How to Communicate Intense Emotion Without Causing An Argument Progressive Love Academy

How to Communicate Intense Emotion Without Causing An Argument

A Virtual Workshop by Progressive Love Academy on how to communicate your most intense emotions without an argument.

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The Relationship Redemption Roadmap

Interested in the Polyamorous Lifestyle? Need support and confidence and somewhere to ask questions? We have all the resources you need for success.

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Get My 3-Step Guide to Trust

Trust is the essence of any relationship – it's impossible to relate to another human being without trust. It's also impossible to relate to another person without trusting yourself and indeed the Universe. The Trust Forum is a course designed to lead you down the path of complete trust.

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Book One-on-One Coaching

Personal coaching is a great way to get one-on-one support and accountability that will completely transform your relationship. Kenya K is an expert coach of 20 years. Through coaching with her, you will establish lifelong partnership, master the ability to express emotion and feel heard, seen, and met each time, and end ALL arguments, aggression, and passive aggression, creating complete harmony between both partners and all family members.

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The Relationship Redemption Roadmap

For Humans Struggling With Relationships. Bring Emotional Intelligence Into Your Relationships!  Stop Ego Battles Before They Begin!

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Master Emotional Communication & Expression

Communication strength is at the center of an authentic life. Put in the work to build your communication muscle and you’ll be sure to notice a complete transformation of every relationship in your life.

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The Game-changing Relationship Bootcamp

The Divorce-Proof™️ Club supports couples who have been through adultery, disconnection, and difficult communication to regain a trusting, loving, relationship by implementing the tools needed for successful communication, authentic living, and deeper connection.  Click to watch testimonials!

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Coaching Certifications

Personal coaching is a great way to burn calories and completely transform your relationship. Dance and cardio are the perfect aerobic pairing. Incorporate the two and keep yourself motivated like never before. 

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Nice to meet you! 

My name is Kenya K. Stevens, I am a relationship expert, love coach, best-selling author, wife of two powerful men, and mother of three. I  attended Howard University, in Washington D.C. where I graduated in 1997 with a degree in Education/ Psychology.
Currently, my mission is to empower humans to have the love and connection they desire by providing guidance and support through my coaching programs and resources. My husband and I have innovated a new philosophy on love and relationships that we have successfully implemented in thousands of relationships worldwide.
In 2005, our work began as we founded JujuMama LLC, now known as Progressive Love Academy. Since that time, we have created a worldwide coaching & training structure via three online academies, training millions of humans in the ways of Progressive Love.
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Remodel your Relationships with Our Transformative Tools that Actually Work

Learn all of the relationship skills Western society didn't teach you. From emotional communication mastery to non-traditional relationship structures, we have something for everyone!

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"In 3 months The Stevens stopped our pending breakup!"

"In 3 months The Stevens stopped our pending breakup and Divorce-Proofed our future marriage! We developed communication skills that work!  We not only went through with our once-doomed wedding, but we also opened the relationship to more fun and freedom!  I truly appreciate working with the Stevens."

Feel free to contact me for reference! 

- Genevieve, Client Turned UPLVL Coach


"From blame and resentment to living our dream life."

"Through PLA and UPLVL I have discovered that I had to stop trying to lead him. I had to focus on leading myself wherever that took me. In doing so, I’ve discovered that I can be with him, yet live without him!  I have no fear of losing anything because I will always be provided with what I need.  I used to look to him for validation, I used to want him to be and do more than he was capable of!  Until I finally understood what Kenya had been teaching me.  I’m responsible for my happiness, my security, and well-being. I am ready to start choosing!"

Kisha & Joe


"Nonviolent Communication feels so... vanilla.  UPLVL is the full spectrum!!"

Me and my honey 💋 this venting process has helped so much with our communication. He feels more seen and heard now and so do I! I love allowing my partner to vent, I love that he is sharing his raw emotion. So thankful for this video course!

Nat & Jay


"Every time I intentionally UPLVL someone, I’m amazed at how quickly their emotions go from triggered and agitated to peaceful and happy...

I’ve UPLVL’d my cousin, my brother, a coworker, and my Facebook friend, Nina. Every single one of them has thanked me afterward- and laughed, or smiled, told me they loved me. I have watched our relationships get closer and sweeter during and as a result of these communications."

Nina Symone


"Our marriage is saved!"

"The UPLVL videos demonstrate a healthy way to vent that can work if both parties work it. Based on the UPLVL model for healthy venting, I accept that we probably have never vented in a healthy way before. I’m looking forward to implementing healthy venting within our marriage as a lifestyle.



"We came to Kenya to help save our relationship"

Watching the videos makes me wish UPLVL should be a required language tool for ALL! Whew!! Allowing my partner to vent and express Animal and Ego AND have those parts identified before venting really alleviates the feelings of blame and defensiveness. My wife has expressed the same and said, "Wow....and my ego wasn't threatened". Amazing!

Nat and RJ

Experience a profound transformation in your relationships that brings you closer than ever before. 

Unlock a Deeper Love with UPLVL CommunicationTM - A revolutionary system for a profound relationship transformation. 

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Are you tired of feeling disconnected and unfulfilled in your relationship, wondering why you can’t seem to find that spark again? Do you yearn for the kind of deep connection and passion that only comes with the guidance of a true expert?

Well, your search ends here, because Kenya K Stevens has exactly what you need. Each week, she delivers a powerful blend of expert advice and proven techniques to help you reignite the flame, boost your confidence, and create lasting intimacy like never before.

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