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My name is Kenya K. Stevens, I am a relationship expert, love coach, best-selling author, wife of two powerful men, and mother of three. I  attended Howard University, in Washington D.C. where I graduated in 1997 with a degree in Education/ Psychology.

Currently, my mission is to empower humans to have the love and connection they desire by providing guidance and support through my coaching programs and resources. My husband and I have innovated a new philosophy on love and relationships that we have successfully implemented in thousands of relationships worldwide.

In 2005, our work began as we founded JujuMama LLC, now known as Progressive Love Academy.  Since that time, we have created a worldwide coaching & training structure via three online academies, training millions of humans in the ways of Progressive Love.

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Heal Your Marriage!

Divorce-Proof Marriage Coaching supports couples who have been through adultery, disconnection, and difficult communication to regain a trusting, loving, relationship by implementing the tools needed for successful communication, authentic living, and deeper connection.  Click to watch testimonials!


Become a Certified Relationships Coach!

Looking to expand your coaching practice? Certify to coach our highly effective Progressive Love coaching tools.  Finally, feel confident as a coach who delivers pristine tools and processes that will produce profound effects on your clients.  Become highly sought after in your practice!


Obtain Effective Communication Skills! 

We have the Ultimate Solution to Save Relationships and Eliminate Hurtful, Damaging, and Meaningless Arguments!  UPLVL Communication is the key!  Check out our 12-video course here:


The Progressive Love Blog

From modern relating, marriage, dating, and non-monogamy. The Progressive Love blog offers fresh and supportive insights on modern challenges in relating.

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Progressive Love Academy

Master your love, life, and relationships with these comprehensive programs.

Take The Worlds Most Effective Communication Course: The UPLVL™ Experience 


Enjoy The Worlds Most Effective Course On Trust: The Trust Forum


Become A Powerful Healer: Certify In The Three-Way Mirror™


Certify as a Premier, UPLVL™ Communication Coach

Train to Earn Income Coaching the Best Communication Framework on the Planet!

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The Benefit is Love Podcast

The Benefit Is Love podcast is available on a growing list of sites. Currently, you can find us on Amazon Music, Audible, Deezer, ListenNotes, Podbean, and Podcast Addict, with more on the way! Scroll down to get notified when the first episode is released!

Have your emotions heard - without causing an argument!

We finally have the Ultimate Solution to Save Relationships and Eliminate Hurtful, Damaging, and Meaningless Arguments! 

UPLVL Communication™ is the premier communication system for finally expressing yourself fully, to anyone!  Say exactly what is on your mind, express ANY emotion and expect to be seen, met and heard

UPLVL Communication™ also provides the specific framework on how to respond to anyone with love and compassion, and what they’re looking for on the deepest level.

The UPLVL Experience is here to teach you exactly how to use it!

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Com·mu·ni·Va·tor - Someone who desires to master communication.

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