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We support couples in moving from Monogamy to Polyamory.  Book your free discovery call with me to assess your relationship for readiness to make the transition!  I would love to speak with you both in a safe and discreet environment!  Book your call today!
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A detailed journey: Four Quintessential steps into Polyamory, Consensual Non-Monogamy, and Open Relating. This is a great guide for those taking first steps and wondering if they are adequately prepared.

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We finally have the Ultimate Solution to Save Relationships and Eliminate Hurtful, Damaging, and Meaningless Arguments! 

UPLVL Communication™ is the premier communication system for finally expressing yourself fully, to anyone!  Say exactly what is on your mind, express ANY emotion and expect to be seen, met and heard

UPLVL Communication™ also provides the specific framework on how to respond to anyone with love and compassion, and what they’re looking for on the deepest level.

The UPLVL Experience is here to teach you exactly how to use it!

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Kenya K. Stevens is a relationships expert, love coach, best-selling author, wife, and mother of three. Kenya attended Howard University in Washington D.C. where she graduated in 1997 with a degree in Education/ Child Psychology. Not only did she scoop up a degree, but she also met and married a fellow Howard student Carl Stevens. They now live in the mountains of North Carolina raising three children.

In 2005 this power couple has built JujuMama llc, now known as Progressive Love Academy into a worldwide love coaching conglomerate, training center for coaches and online Love Academy.

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Certification here at Progressive Love Academy means becoming licensed to utilize the UPLVL tool and the Three Way Mirror tool.  Certification is rolling, meaning you can begin any time taking the steps to becoming fully certified in either tool.  Once you enroll in either certification, you will not only complete the video course, and be admitted to the Certification private group on facebook to ask live questions, but you will be expected to take mandatory assessments, and demonstrate your skills in live practice sessions.

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