PL Visionary Affiliates

PL Visionary Affiliates and watch your life and money GROW!

What's The Visionary Affiliates about?!

Do you just LOVE The Progressive Love Academy?!?!

Maybe you've been a member before or you've followed us on Social Media and feel the shares & call to work?

Or maybe you're a current Initiate in:

The WakeAnda Initiation - bit.ly/Wake2020

The 13 Moons Manifestation Initiation - bit.ly/MoonMS2020

The Blue Butterfly Feminine Power Initiation - bit.ly/BBWpla

The Peaceful Warriors Initiation - bit.ly/PLApw

Either way, we're blissed in gratitude to have you as a member of our team!

At the Progressive Love Academy, you can develop a passive stream of income, sharing our Certifications & Memberships!

As much as you'd like!

Utilize your streams to bridge the gap with the millions of people who need exactly what we have to offer:

*Advanced Studies in Communication
*Mastery in Tantra & Relationships
*Daily Practice in Community & Authenticity
*Initiations in the Feminine & Masculine SuperPowers & Self-Mastery
*Group and Individual Therapy Settings
*Sun & Moon Manifestation Initiations and More!

How many people do you know that could skyrocket their life experience and income with the Progressive Love Courses & Visionary Affiliates?

Join our PL Visionary Affiliates and watch your life and money GROW!

Simply enroll with a one-time enrollment fee of $25 and be supported by a team of Affiliates to get your products out to the world!

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