Nine Step Lacing Meditation

Use This Technique To Release Any Pattern of Behavior or Thought

Lacing™ is a tool created here at JLA. It's a nine step meditation that supports the removal of waste, and toxins accumulated from rethinking of negative situations from the "past". The human mind is set up to allow memories to resurface and cause feelings in current day. This can be used for good, but most allow these memories to summon regret, sadness, despair and resentment. (Which of course leads to repeat of whatever the experience was - what we focus on expands)

The Lacing Meditation Tool supports humans in utilizing the power of the memory to overwrite these negative indicators. If you are tired of constantly thinking of what you should have, would have, or needed to have done... it's time to Lace!

This technique is also great for those who want to change bad habits, old patterns and begin to attract new kinds of experiences. It's great for ending fear, procrastination, and self loathing that the mind has practiced over and over again.

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