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Solutions for Dysfunctional Love Relationships

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Are you addicted to ONE person and can’t seem to get them out of your head, heart, and soul?

Are you continuously hitting a dead end attempting to make this one person love you?

Do your friends try to stop you from continuously engaging in self-destructive behavior while attempting to relate to this one person?

Do you consistently pass over “good” people while at the same time choosing the person who doesn’t seem to honor or respect you?

Are you sex addicted to this one, specific person?

I know the answers and truth to these questions can seem difficult to come to grips with or even embarrassing, but these situations are quite common. Many women (and men) have found themselves literally stuck in their relationship lives trying to relate to ONE specific person for months and years at a time. They pour their all into this person and relationship only to experience hurt and pain over and over... and over again.

Our Healing Love Addiction course offers fresh perspectives and solutions to shifting your life for the better and coming into total empowerment within your relationship life.

This course is a MUST HAVE for anyone struggling with love addiction.

The following topics are covered:

· What is Love Addiction?

· What are the symptoms of someone experiencing love addiction?

· What are the emotional and psychological effects of being caught in The Love Addiction Cycle?

· Why love addiction happens to certain people over and over, but never to others?

· How do we fall into love addiction to begin with?

· How do issues with our mother and father shape our love addictive behavior?

· What is codependency and how does it relate to love addiction?

· What happens when you secure a marriage or long-term partnership with someone you’re love addicted too?

· What does love addiction look like for men versus women?

· Does your partner have any responsibility for your addiction?

· What are the solutions to overcoming love addiction once and for all?

· What is true love?

· How should you manage a partner who’s love addicted to you?

· Are we doing anything to attract love addicted partners to us?

All of these questions and more are answered throughout this course.

This course is especially powerful as the facilitators Lesley Tavernier and Rakhem Seku – have direct experience being love addicted and being the subject of love addiction. Lesley and Rakhem will share their story and their solutions for solving love addiction, some of the mistakes they made, some of the abuses they brought to their relationships, and the keys to creating the relationships you truly desire.

Here is what's included:

· Module 1 - What is Love Addiction & How Can We Overcome It

· Module 2 - Clearly Identifying & Healing ‘Daddy Issues’ in Women & ‘Mommy Issues’ in Men

· Module 3 - The Role of Sex in Love Addiction

Bonus - Two Tantric Lacing meditations to help you heal your Daddy Issues and Transmute Sexual Trauma

Your hosts, Lesley Tavernier and Rakhem Seku, are well versed in Progressive Relationship and sexual philosophy and practice.

Rakhem Seku is an author of multiple books including The Art of Open Relating: Volume 1, Finding Male Sexuality , and Tame Your Woman. He’s also the co-founder of JujuMama Love Academy with his wife Kenya K. Stevens.

Lesley Tavernier is a certified Feminine Power Coach and i2Tantra Certified practitioner through the JujuMama Love Academy.

Inbox Lesley at [email protected] and Rakhem Seku at [email protected] with any inquiries.

Your Instructor

Lesley Tavernier
Lesley Tavernier

About Me

Former love addict turned love goddess...

I was addicted to...

  • anxiety, rejection, abandonment, jealousy, insecurity, negative comparisons of myself to other women, competition...feeling unloved

And this lead to behaviours such as:

  • verbal abusing my partner, demanding his attention, stalking him, constantly making accusations and picking fights, constantly seeking reassurance...

Which then lead to the very outcome I feared: REJECTION

The only solution was to become a new ME.

The ME who is wide open and receptive to LOVE.

The ME who knows it’s SAFE to RECEIVE LOVE.

The ME who knows how to successfully manage her emotions and create harmonious relationships.

The ME who has tremendous confidence in her value as a woman.

I want the same for YOU.

A little more about me...

I am a metaphysical LOVE Coach for Feminine women.

I am a sex-positive mother of two brilliant young men.

I am currently enjoying an Open Relationship with several male partners.

I have studied Gender Harmonics™ (masculine-feminine polarity) and sacred sexuality since 2011 and was a full-time sex worker for 3 years.

I understand and embody the Power that results from healing the connection between my Mind, Heart and Yoni...especially as it pertains to intimate relating and financial abundance!

Most of all, I am passionate about supporting women in getting out of their heads and into their bodies so they can RECEIVE the Love they desire.

I am certified as a Feminine Power and Three-Way Mirror™ coach by Jujumama LLC.

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