Introduction To Cryptocurrency

All The Tools You Need To Create Your Own Personal Economy

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You do not need one million fiat dollars to become rich,
you need to own your own currency.
Then you, your people, your estate are Rich!

Hello, My name is Mario Jefferson and I am a cryptocurrency professional. I have been invested into Ethereum since its inception in 2014. Ethereum is more than a tool for daytrading. I can support you with common sense grounding as you enter and grow in this highly technical environment. In addition you will have first hand experience with smart contracts enabling you permissionless access to global capital markets and much more.

I want to support you in creating your own economy!

Stop living check and hand to mouth with Fiat cash! I can get you started as you take real steps in raising the expectation of owning your data. A popular expression in Crypto is “ Be the Bank” Let me show you precisely how powerful that is first hand, print your own dollar. No really

What does owning your data look like?

Have you heard of a smart contract? How can you run a company using crypto? and Why should you or want to? These are the urgent implications you must know if you are going to jump into that Crypto life. I will show you how to talk to a smart contract, How to interact with exchanges and how to own your own governance stack for you and the whole community without surrendering trust !!

Class Abstract

The purpose of this class is to ground a new user into the world of cryptocurrency based. Technologies, specifically decentralized finance, identity & company management services. With these tools the user will be empowered in several areas:

  • Language and terminology
  • Current list of best practices,
  • Manage and grow a CDP,
  • Evaluate community based asset management systems
  • Decentralized governance for emerging communities.
  • Core reasoning in decentralized technology in plain english.

You will become very comfortable in these technologies and in this economy as you replace anxiety and overwhelmed uncertainty with well grounded knowledge and applied know how. This class is very plain english and hands on.

Do you know the term Collateral Debt Position? I will show you how using a CDP is the way to change the entire way you perceive money!

Listen, we are all voting because we believe in the current economic structure, but it has clearly failed. It's time to begin our new culture growing right now together. Its broad implications from identity, to commerce, community, verifying trust, finance, exchanges to governance itself, and how we not only own it but verify all we own it. At all times, as a belief structure, as a people and to utilize something more fair and equilibrated. Money is only the first step. Cryptography already runs the world. Cryptocurrency is permissionless protocol and truly public monetary policy, it is the next system. Period. Let it serve you NOW !

Skepticism is a trusty good friend to have in this space bring that energy; a mindset of discovery and one where you must walk away with more it has always served me well in this space.

In this four week course I will support you with:

  1. Getting comfortable with Dapps Decentralized Application - Clear Up Your Butterflies with logic
  2. Getting Comfortable with Managing your Identity and security
  3. Becoming your own bank with Instadapp and Learn the power of Uniswap
  4. Get comfortable with Multis and how to monetize a company using Crypto
  5. See options on how to grow the whole community
  6. 1 on 1 Time for questions
  7. Risk Evaluations
  8. Discover Common Cryptocurrency protocols.
    1. Hacken AI
      1. Security
    2. Metamask
      1. identity
      2. Signing services
    3. InstaDapp
      1. CDP management
    4. Multis
      1. Company management
    5. Uniswap
      1. Liquidity Pools
      2. Bond Curves
      3. Community Assets
    6. Melon Port
      1. And more

Join this four week course where we meet 2 times per week, live on zoom to work this through! Thats 8 classes in all!

By the time you are complete, you will have everything you need to be IN the know on Crypto!

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The following are a series of services the class will evaluate together for usage.

Personal Growth

Hacken AI is a cyber security


Account Management

Soft & Hard Keys

Meta Mask

Identity & Cryptographic Signing services

Maker DAO

Personal Liquidity via CDP

Defi Primer






Community Growth

Transparent Company Management Platform
Fund Management: Multisig Validation

Melon Port

Transparent Hedge Fund

Trustless Community investment


Community Crypto based asset currency

Scam avoidance


Community Governance

Policy Creation

Your Instructor

Mario Jefferson
Mario Jefferson

My name is Mario Jefferson and I am a cryptocurrency professional. I have been invested into cryptocurrencies since 2014. I want to support you in creating your own economy!
In the course you will gain experience with smart contracts which will enable you access to global capital markets.I will show you how to leverage your assets and print your own dollar.

Course Curriculum

  Enter the Multiverse: Week 1 Day 1
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Grounded for Strong Security: Week 1 Day 2
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Decentralized Finance: Week 2 Day 3
Available in days
days after you enroll

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