i2 Tantra Certification Course

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Course facilitated by Rakhem & Kenya

Are you interested in utilizing sex for manifestation and deep healing?

This course is a great foundation for completely transforming your

sex and love life.

What about a career teaching and practicing sensual body work?

This course is great for healers looking to add this modality to their existing practice or start a new business.

-->>i2 Tantra<<--

Learn i2 Tantra Techniques for your personal use.

Sex is sacred. There is more to sex than meets the eye!

So you see? Pornography is not sex.

Sex is way deeper than what we have learned in modern society.

Sex is the act of two individuals co-creating something together.

What is to be co-created? Just children? No way!

Any physical objective can be created using sensual energy...

The mind body and spirit are energized during mindful sex!

i2 Tantra is a six part course where participants discover the basics of tantric sex.

Men think ejaculation is orgasm. In this course,

Men are introduced to full body male orgasm!!

Men discover what it takes to bring a woman to full orgasm even before they touch.

Women master deep trance and discover the joy of shutting off 'thinking' during sex.

Women discover female ejaculation...

Non-orgasmic women come to full orgasm - all ten levels.

Carl & Kenya are your instructors on the video.

This is the next step in energizing yourself, your relationships and the lives of others!

i2 Tantra is a Self Contained Course

Complete your training at your own pace!

Students will have to perform 2 practice sessions to complete their coursework.

Course contains 3 BONUS Videos free of charge of Carl & Kenya demonstrating Tantric Energy Work, Tantric Massage, Female Ejaculation, and more....

Aura Massage

Touch Free Orgasm

Nine Levels of Orgasm

Sex beyond intercourse

Female Ejaculation

i2 Tantra Demonstrations

Meditation and Trance

Bedroom Skills

Plus … support from Carl & Kenya!!

Your Instructor

Carl E. Stevens, Jr.
Carl E. Stevens, Jr.

Carl E. Stevens, Jr. (aka Rakhem Seku) is a metaphysician, life and love coach, and author. He teaches the Bagua Astrology System and applies metaphysical concepts to support people in creating the lives they desire through Jujumama - a metaphysical company he created with his wife Kenya Stevens.

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