Finding Our Fathers

Healing Our Connecting to and Trust For the Divine Masculine

What is going wrong in relationships? In todays society we have all been subject to dysfunction of one type of another... That means we have been affected by those who raised us. In fact, we are usually relating and identifying ourselves with those original experiences! If your father was present, caring, devoted and happy to know you were his child, then you will have ONE kind of experience in relationships. If your dad was not present, unclear on his love for you, or otherwise disconnected from you, emotionally, or physically, you will have quite another experience in relating.

It's time to dig deep into the original relationship to the masculine force of this universe.

Digging into your father history does not include getting your father involved. To the contrary, all you need is your memories and stories! Opening the Pandora's Box of your youth is something that will change your current life in numerous ways. Join Coach Monique Ruffin, Astrologer and Empowerment Coach as she takes you on a 30 day journey to sort out and recalibrate your relationship to the masculine!

Were you constantly living in fear with your father? These types often remain single, and are not able to trust the masculine enough to partner. This does not have to be your destiny, it's simply a natural outcome of associating fear to masculinity.

Was your father disconnected from you emotionally? This is something that causes us to create unavailable men, and each time it occurs we think the man has a problem. Well they may, but the real concern is the unhealed pain you experienced in the wake of whatever yur father was projecting into your life!

Was your father abusive or excessive with discipline? This causes the attraction of men who go over board with control and even worse, violence and strict adherence to his rules and protocol. Usually when this occurs we get as far as possible from the course of the pain. However, the true source of this recurring theme in our lives is lack of healing father concerns.

Men - was your father missing, absent, or emotionally closed? This causes one of two outcomes: 1. You become the type of man your father was without being able to change it, feeling stuck in a world of emotionally shut off energy, unable to reach other people or stay connected in relationships. or 2. You become a people pleaser becoming overly available and inauthentic in your dealings with your partners.

All of these various outcomes of how we first perceived the masculine can be healed, and indeed MUST BE if we are to create the lives we desires, and the relationships we crave.

10 Reason Finding Our Fathers will change Your Life...

This course contains every tool you will need to rework and examine the relationship you have with your father and how it has effected your life! Monique Ruffin will take you through 30 days of healing exercises and spiritual work that will blow your mind! There has never been a better time to take advantage of the power we each have to heal from the inside out!

You will receive:

~ One live class with Monique per week.

~ Entrance to a private Facebook Group for group coaching

~Homework assignments that support your objectives.

~Absolutely the best meditations to heal and recalibrate with the masculine spirit!

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Your Instructor

Monique Ruffin
Monique Ruffin

Monique Ruffin has studied with Dr. Michael Beckwith, of the Agape Center, Ron and Mary Hulnick of University of Santa Monica, Carl and Kenya K Stevens, of JujuMama LLC, and football great and astrologer, Ricky Williams. Each of these relationships has served to mentor her into the unique but ancient field of astrological coaching.

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