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The 3-Way-Mirror Certification

A Powerful Certification For Coaches, Therapists & Lightworkers who want to Enhance or Create Their Coaching Practice

Embrace the journey of growth with The 3-Way-Mirror Certification, a profoundly transformative experience tailored for Coaches, Therapists, and Lightworkers.

Accompanying you on this voyage are: 

  • A 15-part Lecture Series by Kenya K Stevens, a Veteran Coach with over 20 years in Business with High+Ticket Clients
  • 2 Meticulously crafted worksheets, your compass in this introspective quest.
  • Tool: Gender Harmonics 101, how couples can balance the feminine and masculine interplay of relationships
  • Tool: The 3-Way Mirror Systems
  • Various Strategies and Tips for Working With Clients from a Coach with 20 Years of Experience
  • A Bonus Module with Re-Conditioning Mediation Demo
  • Tool: 2 Sample Lacings, including a Tantric Lacing Demo - A Combination of Energy Work and Hypnosis

"To attract clients in coaching, your practice needs to have value and tools." - Kenya K Stevens

This certification isn’t just a program—it’s a heartfelt invitation to deepen your coaching practice through Progressive Love™️ Coaching Systems, to make more income doing what you love.

Discover the art of recognizing and nurturing growth opportunities with your clients.

In this sacred space, what we term as 'triggers' transform into gateways of self-discovery.

Each trigger is a whisper from your soul, urging you to uncover its roots and tenderly release its hold, paving the way for healing and growth.

This clarity empowers you to face challenges with wisdom, understanding their profound significance in your personal journey of growth and self-realization.

Welcome to a certification that promises to be as enlightening as it is enriching, for both you and your clients.