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What exactly is an open relationship and is it right for me?

We understand that progressive relationships are a mindset shift for many people and we are here to coach you and your partner through each step. Progressive Love Academy is dedicated to providing tools and information to support you wherever you are on your journey to discover your power and freedom of expression.
During this mini-course you'll gain the confidence and clarity to:

The Benefits of Polyamory:

Health & Happiness

You and your partner will experience increased levels of fulfillment and contentment.


Release your partner from fear of exploration, expressing needs, and finding fulfillment.

Better Communication

Stronger communication is a building block of polyamory. As you open yourselves up to new options your communication will become a focus, then a strength.

Stronger Humans

Acknowledging the fullness of how you were both created will harness your individual power and reveal your potential.

Realize Your Power

Whether you are a creator (woman) or catalyst (man), you will evolve into the whole and complete person you were meant to be.

❤ This mini-course will open your heart and mind to why you were created for loving many people. You'll leave knowing how Polyamory will enhance your relationship and the process of working toward that goal. ❤

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The Freedom of Polyamory:

Relationships in the poly world are about so much more than sex. These relationships are about love - true connection and support.
Polyamory is practical. It literally means, “many loves.” (Not sex partners - that is not as practical.) Everyone reading this has many people they love.
Polyamory replaces the fear of loss and failure you’ve been conditioned to all your life with an openness to be heard, felt, seen, and understood.
I want to learn more!

Common Relationship Issues:

❤ Communication (#1 issue!)
❤ Money
❤ Sex
❤ Trauma
❤ Growing apart
❤ Boredom
❤ Kids
❤ Insecurity
❤ Minimal personal growth
We break down westernized paradigms that prevent you from understanding healthy ways to relate with your partner. Are ready to end cycles of arguing, mistrust, and misunderstanding?
Make this your year of breakthrough and join us for this workshop that will illuminate your future.
Learn language to communicate your needs and understand your partner’s hesitations toward moving your relationship to the next level.
I'm Ready!

You are in the right place if you:

➜ Are married and are seeking more love.

➜ Have a free spirit, but a conservative circle of friends and family.

➜ Want to be honest and open in every relationship.

➜ Are looking for creative ways to express and share new love styles.

➜ Are single and feel you might be polyamorous.
This definitely sounds like me!
Thousands of couples have utilized training and coaching from Progressive Love Academy to elevate their relational style and improve relationships with themselves and their partners.
Take the next step you need to break forth into a new realm of self-understanding and encourage your partner to do the same. Embarking on the journey of progressive love together will expand your ability to love without holding back. We know the liberation and joy waiting for you ahead and can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.
You are invited to a very safe space to listen, explore, and ask questions you’ve been holding deep inside.
Register for this life-changing mini-course. Your world will never be the same!
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Hosted by Kenya K. Stevens

Kenya K. Stevens is a relationships expert, love coach, best-selling author, wife, and mother of three. Kenya attended Howard University in Washington D.C. where she graduated in 1997 with a degree in Education/ Child Psychology. Not only did she scoop up a degree, but she also met and married a fellow Howard student Carl Stevens. They now live in the mountains of North Carolina raising three children. Together,for the past 12 years this power couple has built

JujuMama LLC, now known as Progressive Love Academy into a worldwide love coaching conglomerate and online Love Academy. Progressive Love Academy has certified over 150 love coaches and tantra practitioners.


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